Ethereum Security





  • Doing accounting after sending money. E.g. taking money out repeatedly and crashing before the accounting could have been done.
  • Can write a contract to attack a contract

Parity Wallet Hack (1st):

  • If you don’t declare function visibility, it defaults to public, meaning anyone can make requests to it, and own it.
  • Can call initWallet(...), saying “you belong to me now”, and then take the money.

Parity Wallet Hack (2nd):

  • Shared 1 non-stateless library. Someone was able to initWallet(...) and kill(...) it.


  • If number gets too big it goes back to beginning (Solidity <= 0.8)
  • Should use Solidity > 0.8 or OpenZeppelin SafeMath
  • Could overflow in decrement to a large number

Withdraw Not Send:

  • Need to handle send fails (e.g. if insufficient gas)
  • Always check enough gas is available, and withdraw before sending

Transaction-Ordering Dependence:

  • Be mindful of order and business logic. E.g. owner can change/send money before others.
  • Contract needs to be able to survive time drift and people getting their calls in sooner.

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